Spanish Radiation
Protection Society

Hightlights and Conclusions  
  Thematic Area 1
H&C-1 Radiation Effects
André Bouville
  Thematic Area 2
H&C -2 Radiological Protection System and Regulation
Sigurdur Magnusson
  Thematic Area 3
H&C - 3 Radiation Dosimetry
Antonio Delgado
  Thematic Area 4
H&C - 4 Radiation of Patients
Robert H. Corbett and Eliseo Vaņķ
  Thematic Area 5
H&C - 5 Radiation Protection in the Workplace
Renate Czarwinski
  Thematic Area 6
H&C - 6 Radiation Protection of the Public
Catherine Mercat-Rommens
  Thematic Area 7
H&C -7 Incidents and Accidents
Eduardo Gallego, Juan Carlos Lentijo and G.Neale Kelly
  Thematic Area 8
H&C -8 Protection against Non-Ionising Radiation
Alastair McKinlay
  Thematic Area 9
H&C -9 Societal Aspects and Public Involvement in Radiation Protection
Rick Jones, DoE