Spanish Radiation
Protection Society

Plenary Sessions  
  The Sievert Lecture.
Abel González
  Invited presentations
? United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR)
? International Commission on Radiological Measurements and Units (ICRU)
? International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP)
  The Gold Medal for Radiation Protection of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences
Sir Richard Doll (United Kingdom)
  Plenary Panel Session 1-What is Known About Radiation Effects at Low Doses?
Chair:   Elaine Ron
Co-Chair: André Bouville, ICPC member (USA)
Panel members:
  Dale Preston (RERF)
  Margot Tirmarche (F)
  Herwig Paretzke (D)
  Elisabeth Cardis (IARC),
  Ron Mitchel (CAN),
  Christian Streffer (D)
  Dudley Goodhead (UK)
  Plenary Panel Session 2-The ICRP Proposals for the 21st Century
Chair:Geoff Webb, IRPA President
Co-Chair: Sigurdur Magnusson, ICPC member (Iceland)
Panel members:
  Roger Clarke (ICRP)
  André C. Lacoste (F)
  Roger Coates (UK),
  Rick Jones (USA)
  Alex Tsela (SA)
  John Loy (AUS)
  Kenzo Fujimoto (J)
  Plenary Panel Session 3-Electromagnetic Fields and Cancer
Chair:   Michel Repacholi, WHO
Co-Chair: Alastair McKinlay, ICNIRP, ICPC member
Panel members:
  Bernard Veyret (F)
  Paolo Vecchia (I)
  Luc Verschaeve (B)
  Maila Hietanen (SF)
  Alejandro Úbeda (E)
  Plenary Panel Session 4-Natural Radioactivity Issues in Radiation Protection
Chair:   Abel González (IAEA)
Co-Chair: Renate Czarwinski, ICPC member (D)
Panel members:
  N. Gentner (UNSCEAR)
  A. Paschoa (BR)
  A. Wojcik (PL)
  D. Owen (ILO)
  H.-H. Landfermann (D)
  K. Ulbak (DK)
  F. Spurny (CZ)
  Plenary Panel Session 5-Societal Aspects and Public Involvement in Radiation Protection
Chair:Jacques Repussard(F)
Co-Chair: Rick Jones, ICPC member (USA)
Panel members:
  Pearce O?Kelley (USA)
  Paloma Sendín (E)
  Jacques Lochard (F)
  Kazuo Shimomura (OECD)
  Pierre Barbey (F)
  Joana Díaz (E)